Frequently Asked Questions

Olguin Stucco is a professional stucco company that provides a wide variety of stucco services for residential and commercial projects across the Chicagoland Area. The thing that makes us a trusted company across the market, is our 5-years of warranty on our work.

We specialize in stucco services, re-surfacing, painting, repairs, crack repairs, and caulking and sealing, which is the final step to fight against moisture intrusion.

Stucco is a sturdy exterior of any building that provides it with ultimate protection from extreme weather conditions.

We provide a wide variety of stucco services for residential and commercial projects across the Chicagoland area and Suburbs.

It’s a very specialized process that takes years to really perfect. In order to get this professional result, you’ll want to work with a specialized stucco contractor in the Chicagoland area.

You can get in touch with our team by filling the form on the contact us page or call us at (773) 254-5887.

We provide 5 years of warranty on our stucco services.

Yes, we carry full Liability and Workman’s Compensation insurance for our stucco services. Do not worry if unfortunately, an accident happens on the project, either to our workers or your home, because we are covered.

Yes, we will repair the existing stucco.

Here at Olguin Stucco, we do not charge for examining the cost of stucco damage, and you will get a quote after that.

Yes, we install new 4-system stucco and offer a 5-years guarantee on our workmanship. Other than that, we also install an EIFS system. (Exterior Insulated Foam System)

You can contact us anytime between 7am-7pm from Monday to Friday.

Since each project has a different requirement and its cost depends upon all these factors.

Get in touch with our team and we’ll set up a schedule for the inspection at your location.

Our team will not repair your stucco if there isn’t any problem and will guide you in the best direction.

Every work has different requirements therefore our team will give you an estimation on time after evaluating the repair/installation. Small patch jobs can typically be done within a single workday, while a typical re-stucco job can even take a few days.

Stucco can be applied to flat as well as curved surfaces outside of any building.

Originally, Stucco is water-resistant instead of water-proof which means water cannot flow through properly installed stucco.

Yes, stucco can be painted but do make sure that paint should be of good quality because the wrong paint will not last long.

It is recommended to re-stucco the entire wall if you want to get uniform colour and texture. While on the other hand, patching can be an economical and feasible option.

We match any texture design.

Any job small or big